Samsung EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)

Advanced Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

  • Full access and control all policies on enterprise applications and devices
  • Protect important data
  • Reduce the workload of administrators

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend – using personal mobile devices at workplace – on one hand is believed to be able to save time and costs for businesses, but on the other hand is putting major security challenges for them when their employees’ devices are lost or stolen and someone can use those to access business resources.

With Samsung SDS’s EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution, businesses can easily manage mobile devices:

  • Automatically turn on mobile security policies on employees’ mobile devices when they go through Speed Gates
  • Allowing employees to create seperate workspaces on mobile devices to securly access enterprise data while ensuring personal privacy
  • Allowing employees to remotely block access or wipe all data on those devices in case they’re lost or stolen.

Device Control

Manage employees’ devices by department, individual or region

Application Control

EMM provides the deployment of enterprise mobile applications, controls the access and authority and monitors application usage

Data Management

Monitor access, protect data and provide virtual workspace for enterprise application data

Centralized Management

Security policy management is aligned with the organizational structure of businesses and easily deploy enterprise mobile applications

Enterprise Mobile App Store

Create exclusive mobile app store for businesses, comply with security policies requirements before deploying applications

Simplify policy management

EMM provides full access and control all policies on enterprise applications and devices

Data Protection

On-premise deploying method of EMM keeps sensitive data safely secured in enterprise’s servers

Reduce the workload of administrators

The EMM user portal provides notifications, FAQ and self-implementation options for employees, enabling them to track currently logged in devices, find and lock a lost or stolen device

Enhance security

Secure organization and employee devices, control access through a single control panel. The EMM solution offers the highest certified security standards from the NIAP/CC and NSA CSFC programs

Mobile security compliance monitoring

EMM administration console displays a unique dashboard which allows the observation of activities, devices and actions that violate enterprise’s security policies

Ensure secured data connection

Connections between servers and devices via Secure Push Channel are secured using TLS instead of cumbersome VPN systems, allowing fast data transfer