Whitelisting Solution

Today’s advanced cyber attacks are targeting critical infrastructures and organizations with highly valuable information, leading to sabotage of massive assembly lines, severe economic damages, and data breaches.
AhnLab EPS is a compact, optimized security solution for industrial fixed function systems such as manufacturing facility of semiconductors, LCDs, and electronics, Point of Sale (POS) terminals, automated teller machines (ATMs), critical intranet servers and nuclear plants. It is specially designed to provide proactive defense using minimum resource based on exclusive advanced whitelisting technology, ensuring the stability of operations and increasing endpoint security effectiveness without impacting business productivity

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Endpoint Protection

Powered by an exclusive Multi-dimensional Analysis Platform, AhnLab’s Endpoint Protection solutions provide robust security layers for both servers and PCs against viruses and variants. In doing so, it contributes to building a safe computing environment along with less system resource usage and greater cost-effectiveness.
With simplified central management program, businesses can easily manage, monitor & report to ensure a trusted endpoint environment.

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Network Protection

We ensures highly reliable network performance through comprehensive security layers. Our solutions includes:

  • Next Generation Firewall: Superior to traditional firewalls, NGFW helps businesses & organizations to fully manage & monitor network system, prevent advanced security threats.
  • Anti-DDoS Solution: Provides protection against evolving DDoS threats & ensures business continuity.
  • Next Generation Security Switch: SG Security Switch is the world first security switch developed by HanDreamnet, providing optimal security & user-friendly network operation. It detects & blocks internal security threats in order to ensure stabilization of network services and to improve operation performance.

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