Stopping APT & Ransomware

To defeat zero-day exploits and targeted attacks, organizations need a solution that is more advanced than traditional security tools such as Anti-Virus program or Firewall.
Advanced Threat Defense solution provides multi-layered protection with easy management for both network & endpoint systems of the organization against advanced cyber attacks. With Machine Learning technology & the combination of on-premise & cloud-based analysis, this solution can rapidly detect and prevent APT attacks, unknown malware & C&C connections.

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Advanced Email Security

AhnLab email security solution protects users from malware threats & provides network-wide visibility into all email communication.
The solution automatically detects & quarantines malicious or suspicious email, conducting multi-dimensional analysis and VM-based analysis for email attachments, URLs and x-scripts contained in email body.

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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Safeguarding sensitive corporate data gets more difficult every day. Our EMM solution satisfies international standards for computer security certification (CC) by letting administrators centrally manage employee access and protecting data with next-generation security protocols. We give you more effective and consistent device management and increased security across your organization.

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