Mobile Application Protection

As an open-source based operation system contributed by diverse developers, Android platform exposes massive threat to not only users but also service providers that operate businesses on this ground. Tons of threats exist in the field such as binary decompiling, API hooking, debugging, memory attacks while cracked applications are distributed and information and data are intercepted and robbed.
With new technical approaches, SSQGlobal’s mobile application security solutions provide safer Android mobile environment with a total protection package that covers weaknesses of previous security solutions.

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Stopping APT & Ransomware

To defeat zero-day exploits and targeted attacks, organizations need a solution that is more advanced than traditional security tools such as Anti-Virus program or Firewall.
Advanced Threat Defense solution provides multi-layered protection with easy management for both network & endpoint systems of the organization against advanced cyber attacks. With Machine Learning technology & the combination of on-premise & cloud-based analysis, this solution can rapidly detect and prevent APT attacks, unknown malware & C&C connections.

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Data Leakage Protection

Operating on a private cloud platform, Jiransoft’s Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) solution offers you to create online workspace for secure data management and file sharing with exclusive administrative control.
Advanced encryption technology protects users against advanced malware, ransomware, phishing; safeguards intellectual property by preventing transfer of sensitive files via email, web, applications & USB devices.

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