Consulting & Implementation

WSI helps businesses tailor feasible, cost-effective cyber defense strategies to enhance your organization’s security, whether you are a governement agency, bank or business. By partnering with world’s top cyber brands, we protect your core system by indentifying and addressing threats, vulnerabilities & other security issues with latest technologies.



Client's IT Infrastructure Assessment


IT Security Consulting & Design


Proof of Concept Deployment (For solution testing)



Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance allows continuous business workflow by minimizing security risks & maximizing the value of client’s investment. Our IT experst with deep technical knowledge will ensure reliable & exceptional support for clients.




  • Onsite engineers at client’s location
  • Prompt incident response with report & recommendation


  • 24/7 remote and/or onsite technical support
  • Frequent Healthchecks & replacement of broken parts

SIDC – Security Internet Data Center

WSI & CMC Telecom offer SIDC Service where we protect clients’ servers with comprehensive cyber protection from WSI’s solutions.

  • Secured Data Center with Tier 3 Standard

    We provide a private space on rack system with optimal environment for operation of servers that has certified ISO 9001, ISO 270001. With multi-layered security from endpoint and network protection to advanced protection, DC Space is protected against both known & unknown malware, zero-day exploits & targeted attacks.

  • Cost-Saving

    Save the massive cost from cyber attacks & reduce the costs of management & security for enterprise, increase the competitiveness and flexibility in business.

  • 24/7 Support

    Receive rapid technical support at any time and anywhere, ensuring seamlessly operation of your business

Security Assessment

WSI’s security experts will help businesses gain a deep insight into their current system & vulnerabilites by conducting advanced monitoring, assessment & consultation for security enhancement.



Conduct advanced monitoring

  • Add security tools to deeply understand client’s system
  • Monitor using both current & advanced systems

Conduct threat & vulnerability analysis

  • Analyze threats that bypass client’s current system, identifying attackers & victims
  • Analyze potential harmful activities
  • Conduct vulnerability scan

Consult about security enhancement

  • Report on system vulnerabilities
  • Consult about strengthening current system

Incident Response

WSI’s dedicated security technicians will help businesses investigate & remediate cyber attacks in order to minimize possible effects of the breaches on business operation. Clients will also receive critical recommendations to strengthen the organization structures.



Conduct intrusion investigation

  • Analyze infected computers, networks & systems
  • Identify malicious activities & exploited vulnerabilities

Remove threats for safe environment

  • Clean current infected hosts
  • Block malicious paths (IP, Port, C&C connection, internal infection path,…)

Deliver post-Incident report

  • Deliver investigation report on detailed attack timeline information & list of infected servers/computers/locations
  • Deliver remediation report on detailed remediation measures taken and recommendations to enhance business security system

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